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CCTV & Security Systems

Want to ensure that your assets are protected by a good quality system? Look no further. (To Finish)

Key Features

  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Motion Detection
  • Person Detection
  • Vehicle Detection
  • SaaS Products

Watching over our assets and products are a key thing. Whether you are a Sole Trader, Company or just the average person wanting to protect their assets – we will have the solution for you.

At <strong>KW <span style=”color: #fd0100;”>IT</span></strong>, we endeavour to find the perfect solution that is tailored for you. Whether this be just a standard DVR System (Digital Video Recorder) or whether this be with an NVR (Network Video Recorder), we would be happy to assist with scouting, planning and installing the best system for you to cover all of the area’s that you would like secured.

Don’t want a chunky system in your house/office? Look for a SaaS solution! We also offer solutions which can take your CCTV to the next level, be able to access your camera’s without having to open up any additional security ports on your router, this allows your network to stay as secure as possible whilst giving you the freedom to access your cameras from anywhere!


Want KW IT to Support your CCTV & Security Systems needs?